Splash Into Dubai’s Aquatic Wonderlands By Visiting Dubai Water Park

Dubai Water Park

Land Parks are locations for refreshing, relaxing and sightseeing. Your children enjoy playing, boating, sliding and swinging. But a Water park is something unique. For your children, it is engaging, exciting, thrilling, challenging, relaxing adventurous, and flowing of lot of adrenalin. That is the reason parents like to take their kids to Dubai Water Park, particularly, if it happens to the kids birthday. The park satiates the adrenalin flowing needs of every one; children and adults alike. It is a storehouse of fun and adventure. Once you enter into it, you will never feel like coming out. The water park is connected to a large lazy river. Water from the river transports riders between slides.


The Water Park is the perfect venue for celebration children’s party. Besides having adventurous and thrilling experience your children can enjoy Yogalates, Aqua umba, Boot Camp, Science Lab, Arts & Crafts, Cooking Activities, Access to Splash Pad, Access to Splash Slides, Bungee Trampoline, Stage Show and Performance, Kids Meal. Besides, the park is the perfect vocational venue for your children. They will be fully relaxed from the stress and strain of their curricula and academic activities. Few of the exciting events are the riders will be closed into a see-trough vertical tube, before a trap door opens. They will then plummet towards the ground. Yet another feat is the Water stunt devices will wide open, adjacent to a vertical drop. This can be undertaken by those having strong stomach.

Special stunting activities for children are Splasher’s Children Play area where children can perform various water stunts such as water slides, climbing frames, water cannons, water jets, rope bridges, giant tipping water bucket. What an excitement for the children? You can have video and still photographs of your children performing various water- related activities! It will be a real memoir for them. Of many water parks, located in Dubai, you must select the best one that provides all these activities with discount facilities and other entertaining features inside the park.

You may be wondering to celebrate your kid’s next birth day party in a innovative manner. You can opt for the best Themed Kids Birthday. The following are few of themes from which you can choose one or more

  • Video Game Birthday Party Van for Boys

Up to twelve boys can play at a time inside the Game Van.

  • Café Ceramique

The birthday boy or girl and the mini participants paint themselves in various odd ways. . They are made to paint boxes, mementos, bowls and various other things, thus unleashing their inner artistic talents. You can have inner catering facilities, suiting to your budget


  • Paper lane

Participants are made to card making and scrap booking so that they feel something special. The event management company will provide birthday snacks and cup cake treats. This theme is particularly suitable for girl kids as it involves decoration flowers and pretty artsy stuff

Birth parties are great occasions for parents the kids and the participants. There will be more fun and pleasure if, instead of going in for the traditional ones, you choose a themed one.


Splashing Into Aquatic Wonderlands In A Water Park In Dubai

Dubai is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in entire world. There are a host of attractions for visitors and travelers coming to the city from all over the years. That is also the reason why the number of visitors to the city is growing consistently. However the most attractive thing in the city is the water park in Dubai that has completely transformed the face of the city.

A Desert Once; Heaven Today

The location that was once a desert has quickly but conclusively changed into one of the most sought after tourist locations in the world. This has been possible with the growth of lush green environment and Water Park in Dubai has contributed to a great extent towards such transformation. The hot and humid climate has given place to the cool and comfortable environment that makes Dubai one of the most popular places in the world.


Themed Parks in Dubai

However that is not all about Dubai and the city has much more to offer for the visitors and travelers. There are many themed parks in Dubai that helps parents organize Themed Kids Birthday in Dubai. Many parents aspire to present their kids with something novel on their birthday and themed arrangements give them the perfect background for the same. While Dubai has something for every age group; the themed parks and water parks here are specifically designed towards kids and teenagers. These parks also have something for the adult and people in advanced ages to enjoy thus turning out to be an all out solution for the visitors.

The Palm Resort

Acquaventure, the palm resort is set up as the biggest water park in Dubai. Visitors will certainly enjoy the rides available in the park. It has two big towers named as Poseidon and Neptune. These two towers are connected by a large river and transport facilities joining the two sides are available.  Rides like the Poseidon’s Revenge as well as the Leap of Faith are experiences to be remembered for the rest of the life. In the first one the riders are closed down in transparent cube and the second one uses wide open and near vertical drop which can rattle even the stronger stomachs.


Original Water Park

Widl Wadi is the original water park where many organize themed kids birthday getting great pleasure and entertainment values. This was the first water park in Dubai that was set up way back in 1999 and has withstood successfully the impact of time. However the rides here are continually improved and that is why the park is extremely popular and seems flawless. Unique feature in the park is the Jumeriah Sceirah that is 120m slide with riders arriving at speed of 89 km per hour when they are dropped through a trap door. Other attractions include a host of raft slides and the great Tantrum Alley where riders pass through steep waterslides simultaneously 4 at a time.

When it comes to splashing into the wonderland of Water Park in Dubai or organizing themed kids birthday, these two locations occupy the premier position in the choice list of visitors.